Night Guards & TMJ Treatment

Night guards are custom-made trays that Dr. David Throckmorton may recommend to protect your teeth against bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching). This special type of mouth guard is designed to prevent your teeth from touching, stopping further damage from occurring so that you can begin the process of restoring your teeth and smile. Because the night guard is created using impressions of your teeth, it will provide comfortable and personalized treatment. Night guards do not inhibit your breathing, but they can be used to:

  • Treat TMJ problems
  • Prevent wear and tear on the teeth
  • Provide some headache relief

If you believe that you have bruxism or a TMJ disorder, we encourage you to contact our office. Some common signs of teeth clenching and grinding include:

  • Chronic pain in the jaw, ear and facial region
  • A tired or tight feeling in the jaw when waking
  • Frequent tension headaches or migraines
  • Excessive tooth wear (such as chipped, flattened, cracked or worn teeth)
  • Extremely worn tooth enamel
  • Indentations on the sides of the tongue
  • Increased tooth sensitivity

If you or one of your children has been diagnosed with bruxism or a TMJ disorder, call Ocean Atlantic Dental at 757-498-1663 today to learn more about night guards in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We will be happy to help you make an appointment with our dentist and provide you with the TMJ and bruxism treatment that is right for you so that you can enjoy happy, healthy teeth for life.